Dear Mother...
Thursday, 8 October, 2009

Dear Mother,

I wish I could tell you how much I love you. Your mere presence in my life is a cause of great joy and happiness. And to have you in flesh and blood, in my own house, is a joy that I can’t express in words. What started off as a one month vacation now comes to an end. The traveler must now return back to her nest, leaving my nest empty and void.

All these days, I tried spend some time with you, but failed miserably, due to so much of work. I don’t know if this work will ever cease, but one day your presence will. And I am so scared every time this thought strikes me. What if I never get anyone who loves me as much as you do? I will surely die if such a situation ever comes. Till the time you are here, I felt safe and protected. Each day I got nice, hot meals and saw fresh flowers bloom in my tiny garden. After you are gone, the house will be so empty and void, mirroring the emptiness in my own heart.

All that will be left are the sweet memories of your coming into my empty heart and apartment and making it look like spring has arrived. Attachment is such a cruel manner of love establishing its roots in a person’s heart. We keep pining for love, and when we do get it, we still keep pining in pain, all because of attachment.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that I know I haven’t been the best daughter to you. But I do know that you have been the best Mother I could possibly get. You have been a role model in almost every way of life and have taught me how patience and perseverance can win over anyone, even though precious years and health are lost in this struggle called marriage. Thank you for feeding me and showering me with so much love. I know you are going back home today, but please do come and visit me again. I will miss you so much.

Maa, in my next birth, will you please choose to be my mother again? I would love to be your daughter and will try my best to not repeat the mistakes I made this time around.

Always praying for your health and happiness,


Your silly daughter

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At 1 July 2010 at 3:23:00 PM IST, Blogger Alone in the Crowd

Baby !

This was an awesome expression of your genuine feelings, and as I always say that I always find the handicap of writtem or spoken language of all civilisations to express the truue human feelings. Yet your thoughts and feelings touched me.

I am on the Blog after a very long time.

Keep going on... My blog page nobody visits.

So how is life at seatle now a days?
My best wishes to you and Avneet.



At 2 July 2010 at 5:32:00 AM IST, Blogger Munmun

@San, thank you for passing by :)
@Mamu, thank you :) This was when my mother had visited me in bangalore two years ago..keep writing for your creative expression, dont bother at all who visits and who doesnt.. at the end of the day, when you write a poem (and we both know you write so well), you will feel so nice.. for that feeling alone, keep writing.
All is well :)