Remembering Nehaa..
Monday, 14 May, 2007

Like the beauty of the morning Sun
Your smile unfurled new petals
From afar I heard
The giggly-wiggly laughter
Bursting into a bright, friendly smile..The essence of being Nehaa.
Whenever I needed a friend
I found you by my side
A person alive with smiles and cackling with joy
If you had just rememembered me but once
I would have come to you, my dear
Sat next to you, like you did countless number of times
I would've listened to your agony and wept with you
Or would've just hugged you when nothing else was of any help
To say I'll miss you, is an understatement
One can never forget you
'Cause you know not what a void your absence creates
Imagine a life without laughter and smiles
And that is how it has become now
A lovely flower nipped by the cruel shears of fate
Moments before it was about to bloom in all its glory
Oh my dear.. I lack words to describe that void today
But your memories shall live on the cosmos of my consciousness..
And many others.. 'cause to know you, is to love you..
I can't say a 'Good bye' to you..
So I'll just say 'We'll meet again'
Miss you sweetie. God bless you."


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At 14 May 2007 at 7:47:00 PM IST, Blogger Eroteme

I am sorry to hear about this. I really wish she finds peace in her decision... Very tragic.


At 21 May 2007 at 12:28:00 PM IST, Blogger Subhash

Guess i can understand the agony of losing someone so close to your heart.. i too have lost a friend five years back...

God rest their souls in peace!


At 25 May 2007 at 2:07:00 PM IST, Anonymous Anonymous

i dont know if i can understand the agony of losing someone so near.makes me remember the question asked by yaksha to yudhistir "What is the most surprising thing in the world?".
and the answer that yudhistir gave was "Every human hears about death of dear ones, and he knows that death is inevitable.. still they go on living as if they will live all the eternity, there is nothing more surprising than this..".
we wake up every mornin to begin a new life, with the hope that today we'll bring smiles in the face of our near and dear ones.
and this drives us in this journey to eternity.
And when our dear ones leaves us in this journey, their memories walk by us, giving us the strength to carry us the strength to walk with the most surprising thing in the world, that death is inevitable....

may her soul find peace..


At 26 May 2007 at 3:23:00 PM IST, Blogger Munmun

Dear Eroteme,
Yes, it is extremely trgic.. I hope she rests in peace.

Dear Subhash,
Oh.. thats so sad? What happenend to him/her? Thanks for your prayers.

Dear Anonymous,
What you say is so true. That death shall indeed come one day, is the only truth a human being is born with.. yet, we cant stop consoling each other when it happens.. I remember what Osho had to say in this regard: When a realtionship is complete in all regards, then there is no remorse attached with the loss of a beloved.. It is only when we look back at the things which we could have done or could have said, does the real tragedy strike us..
I hope she finds peace, wherever she is..
Thanks for dropping by. Were you connected to Nehaa in any way?


At 28 May 2007 at 12:14:00 PM IST, Anonymous Anonymous

No,i am not related to Nehaa, but the truth that we all have to leave this world one day is so true that i cannot help myself in sharing the grief with you all...the poem that you wrote is very should make us feel how precious each day in our life what you want to do, better do it one has seen every moment as if there will be no tomorrow


At 29 May 2007 at 7:36:00 PM IST, Blogger Munmun

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for coming by, yet again. The poem is ok.. i just wrote it in a spurt of emotional anguish. Yes, thats the key to happines: "Each day is precious and live every moment as if there will be no tommorow"
Do i know you by any chance? :-)
the tag of anonymity really doesn't help much, you know :-)
Do you blog yourself?


At 22 June 2007 at 1:41:00 AM IST, Blogger San

may her soul rest in peace


At 30 July 2007 at 6:02:00 PM IST, Anonymous Anonymous

Dear Neha!!

Luv u a lot! May u be happy n keep spreading happiness wherever you are.
I dun have words left except to say that whatever happened was very tragic.. and I cudn't have imagined in the wildest of my nightmares!! We'll miss u always sweetheart :)

Hey chatter box... that was soo sweet of you.. Thanks :)



At 12 August 2007 at 11:03:00 PM IST, Blogger ali hyder

i dnt have words 2 describe the person she was...its a big loss 2 all her close ones..
I had met u only once and thank u 4 making my wish of meeting u come true...
i was friends wth neha for 2 yrz but had neva met her as im in bombay..but after 2 yrs i had the opportunity of meetn ths wonderful person when she came to bombay...
but it was like i knw ths girl since childhood...she has been there 4 me in the toughest of my times..2 oclock at nite i used to cal her whn i was depressed n ths angel used to make me smile no matter wht condition i was...
miss u alot sweetheart...
will alwayz cherish the time i got 2 spend wth u whn u were here..will miss the talks v had...miss everythn bout u Neha..
Love u alot...
bless u sweety....


At 9 October 2007 at 4:59:00 PM IST, Blogger Munmun

Thank you for your prayers.

This is the least I could do for her. I read this post at least once each day to keep alive all the memories of the wonderful days that we shared in Needam.

I can understand the pain you are undergoing. It is typical of Neha to put others' trouble first and hers later. I had similar experiences with her. May her soul rest in peace.