A Tribute to Love
Monday, 25 February, 2008

I came in as a stranger to this world,
with my ten li'l toes and ten li'l fingers
And a wail of unbearable pain
Her first caress made me feel wanted
Her teary-eyed smile made me feel special
She touched my cherubic cheeks
And kissed my big wide eyes
And I knew that instant that she was my God - my Mother, my protector

He sat outside the Operation theater
Worried, tensed, nervous, scared
Anxiety and strain gnawing at him each passing moment
And when he heard that beautiful strain, it was music to his ears
the nurse handed him his daughter, his priceless princess
Wrapped in white, covered in golden dawn
I opened my eyes and looked at him - clueless and lost
Crying and wailing - a tiny speck in this whole new world
He took me in his arms and held me close
A drop of tear trickled down his weary eyes
And landed gently on my tiny infant palm
Creating an invisible bond of love
And I knew that instant that He was my God - My Father, my protector

" It needs great intelligence for a man and woman to be forgotten,to live together, not surrender to each other or be dominated by one or the other.
Relationship is the most difficult thing in life. "

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

Happy Anniversary Ma Baba. Thank you for being the best!

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