Friday, 25 February, 2011

Well, I am a dog person. As long as I have remembered, I have always wanted to bring a little pup home and play with it everyday. They are honest creatures who just know how to give love.. Just give them a cuddle and a tummy rub and they couldn't be happier! In sharp contrast are creatures like us, who have to rationalize thru all aspects of life and make everything seem like a form of barter. No amount of tummy rubs and cuddles seem to make us happy. No wonder we are so incapable of loving unconditionally!

I once had the privilege of naming a furry little pup and I christened her 'noodles'. She was such a cutie! Soft brown eyes full of love.. my heart still melts every time I look at her picture. Due to situations beyond my control, she was given off to another family and was separated from her six equally tiny brothers, sisters and mother Candy. Poor Candy moped for days looking at all the corners of the house for her babies. I am just glad that I was not there to see her in such a condition. Even though practical considerations forces many dog owners to do this, somehow I have never been able to some to terms with that. The implications of a loving family getting separated is something I can't start describing in words...

So, coming back to more brighter side of adopting a pet, why am I suddenly talking about puppy love? Well, it so happened that this discussion over dog names came up and I thought how cool it would be to have a pup named 'Pointer'. It seems such a perfect name! While playing fetch, one could say 'Here Pointer, go fetch some memory' or if he decides to get back a bone instead of the ball, one could say 'Pointer, naughty boy, go and dereference the correct memory!' Of course, it would also mean that I have a ball with the name 'memory', which would officially earn me the title of 'the nerd next door', but lets not get into that yet! (Since this the closest I will ever get to being christened 'the girl next door', I might as well give it a shot ;-) )

In a way it would also signify the mutual love that we both would have for each other because in a way 'We would both be referencing the same address', although there are some aspects like 'memory leaks' which are bound to cause some everyday ruptures in our otherwise loving existence :-)
And maybe (just maybe!) I would make him a dog collar with the inscription:

Pointer *ptr;
ptr = &munmun;

Ok, that may be stretching it too far, but the basic thought behind choosing this name remains the same: Being one and the same, sharing a love that transcends the boundaries of language and expression and joins two hearts in one bond.

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