Remembering Nehaa..
Monday, 14 May, 2007

Like the beauty of the morning Sun
Your smile unfurled new petals
From afar I heard
The giggly-wiggly laughter
Bursting into a bright, friendly smile..The essence of being Nehaa.
Whenever I needed a friend
I found you by my side
A person alive with smiles and cackling with joy
If you had just rememembered me but once
I would have come to you, my dear
Sat next to you, like you did countless number of times
I would've listened to your agony and wept with you
Or would've just hugged you when nothing else was of any help
To say I'll miss you, is an understatement
One can never forget you
'Cause you know not what a void your absence creates
Imagine a life without laughter and smiles
And that is how it has become now
A lovely flower nipped by the cruel shears of fate
Moments before it was about to bloom in all its glory
Oh my dear.. I lack words to describe that void today
But your memories shall live on the cosmos of my consciousness..
And many others.. 'cause to know you, is to love you..
I can't say a 'Good bye' to you..
So I'll just say 'We'll meet again'
Miss you sweetie. God bless you."


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