Bare truths
Monday, 27 November, 2006

The demure girl sat basking in the afternoon sun, gazing at the long stretch of corn field lazily spread across the Earth. Hopping nearby were a pair of parrots engaged in a friendly banter. And above them all spread the clear, azure October sky. It was a serene scene sculpted out by Nature's own hands.
Suddenly the calm was disturbed.

The girl ran inside the farm. The parrots sqeaked and flew away, no longer agreeing with one another. The sky was overshadowed by dark clouds. Smoke rose from the distant north and was whirlpooling towards them in a cloud of smoke and dust.

I took only two minutes for the canvas to be destroyed.
The parrots dropped dead, asphyxiated. The girl frozen with horror, saw her skin catching fire and peeling off. Strangely she did not feel any sensation. She saw her bare bones and blood all around and fainted. Never to wake up again.

It took only two minutes for the colours to change from green and blue to a horrific black.

Often I wonder, has war helped anyone?


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Sweet Lime Soda
I know I know.. why this name, one would ask. Well, its sweet, its tangy, its bubbly. And hence, it completely represents my view of life.
Ever remember the first time you ever drank a soft drink? Well, neither do i. But I do remember one time i had a syruppy substance when i was hardly five. Believe me, it wasn't fun vommiting out with my innards shook up.
But sweet lime soda..You got to admit that there's something about sweet lime soda. 'Banta' as we know it is a popular refreshment in North India. The tangy taste energizes you and leaves a scintillating cool feeling inside the mouth.

So cheerios to the great summer chiller!

Keep bloggin!


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