Ever been in love ?
Thursday, 18 January, 2007
Been in love?

Have you ever been in love?

Ever been in love when you didn't have any inhibitions or fear?
When the only fear you ever had was losing the person you loved?

When life seemed ike a ball and every morning you woke up with an indescribable feeling.. that there was someone out there, wanting to meet you as early as posible, to admire your new earrings, the freshness of your face bringing a wave of happiness in his life.

When the only thing you wanted to do all day was to be with this someone special and whisper sweet nothings in his ears, comforting him in those moments he felt he let you down, being with him like the pillar of strength in moments when those muscles paid him no compliment..

Being with him in moments of sadness and happiness, his companion and invaluable friend always.

When his proximity caused your heart beats to increase..
When you would wear something new everyday, to see his admiration for you mirrored in his eyes..
When before praying for anything else to God, you would pray for his health and happiness so that the smile which drew him so close to you would remain the same always..like an indelible mark in the cosmos of your consciousness..

When the only music you heard was the music of togetherness..
When one phone call set you in a dizzy of frenzied activities..
When you wanted to keep him in the safest place in the whole world, in side your heart..
When all you wanted to do was to capture that charming,benevolent smile and keep it framed in your memory forever and ever..

A memory so strong and powerful that your world revolved around that only one truth.

When the imagination of being away from him brought with it a chill, unbearable and the only cure for which was to run to him,no matter what hour of the day, just to see him there, gesticulating and cracking jokes with is pals. Oh! what great relief you felt upon witnessing that scene..
What an irony.. just a few moments what were tears of agony had suddenly changed to tears of happiness..
And you went back singing and dancing like a peacock in monsoon..

What paranoia,what mixed feelings,what emotions,what happiness,what dejection one may feel while in love is truly a bouquet of experiences one must taste..
The blandness of our existence is replaced by the tanginess of our ownemotions, making life more bubbly (much like a sweet lime soda,eh? ;-) )

So.. tell me.. have you been in love like this ?

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